Campaign details

Brand: Shoprite
Lead Agency: Yonder Media
Region: EMEA



Rewarding consumers for their purchases with daily prizes and not just any prize, 3 cars were given away every day, was a very smart way for Shoprite and Checkers to meet their strategic business objectives for this campaign being:

  1. To drive consumers in-store
  2. Increase sales and
  3. Increase repeat purchase.

One of the main business problems that our mobile solution had to resolve, was to replace the previously paper- based entry-mechanism, with an end-to-end mobile entry mechanic that would be seamless for both Shoprite and Checkers as retailers and for their participating consumers. Giving consumers a paperless, easy and seamless ubiquitous mobile entry mechanism at point of sale made the already attractive competition even more exciting. Smartphone penetration is only 50% in RSA, so there are a lot of feature and entry level phones in the market and Shoprite and Checkers did not want anyone to miss out on a chance to enter this exciting competition. Our solution contributed to amazing results for the campaign, far outperforming previous similar campaigns and all of client's expectations in terms of feet in store, entries, sales, and repeat purchases.

Target Audience