Campaign details

Brand: Shell
Lead agency: VML Propaganda LTDA
Region: LATAM



The gas station category is, at the same time, related to loyalty and convenience. While some consumers always fuel the car at the same spot, others usually choose the nearest station when it is necessary to fill it up.

This choice for convenience is often made at a time when people are less

susceptible to various media efforts simply because they are focused on something else: driving.

In this moment of focused attention, there are few chances to connect with our target at the same time as it is the most adequate moment for them to choose to go to a Shell station. So our main challenge is to be assertive and surgical to influence the consumer's route by making them stop at a Shell gas station.

As 2018 was developing itself to be a quite harsh year for the fuel market in Brazil with skyrocketing prices, we didn't want only to be reminded, but also give consumers interesting promotions and deals, making a stop at Shell's the best choice possible.