Campaign details

Brand: Scottex
Lead agency: Mindshare
Region: EMEA


To generate brand awareness and raise awareness about infant mortality caused by poor hygiene conditions in bathrooms in third world countries; Kimberly Clark, launched under its brand name Scottex: "Toilets change lives". Scottex is a toilet paper brand.

Our goal was to make known the collaboration with Unicef, thus helping more than 1 million children to provide them with drinkable water, and sanitation in communities of Angola, as well as training to build their own toilets.

Target audience

Women+25: mothers/family/children/personal care interests.

Creative strategy

One in three people worldwide have no access to a clean and safe bathroom. Millions of children do not have drinkable water and more than 800 children under 5 years are dying every day as a result of waterborne diseases, basic sanitation and hygiene. Something daily for us as toileting, is an unpleasant experience for them. So our idea was to translate that concept into the life of influencers of our society and make it known through a viral video.