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Brand: Samsung Canada
Lead Agency: eSSENTIAL Accessibility
Region: NA



An estimated 1.3 billion people globally report limitations in their daily activities due to a disability. As the largest minority group in the world, people with disabilities control over $1.2 trillion in spending. When the broader disability market, which consists of friends and family, is factored in, this number increases to $6.9 trillion. Yet this formidable market segment is mostly disregarded by brands and other organizations.

When it comes to the physical world, businesses have made progress in accommodating customers with disabilities. Brick-and-mortar stores have ramps and wide aisles. Banks provide talking ATMs for people with vision disabilities. Office buildings have accessible washrooms and automatic doors.

But in the digital world, brand websites lack basic accessibility features like text alternatives describing images and proper heading level structures, so individuals who are blind and use screen readers can understand the content on a webpage, or captioning for multimedia content for individuals who are deaf or are hard of hearing – let alone assistive technology for customers who have trouble using mobile devices due to dexterity limitations that arise from a variety of conditions.