Campaign details

Brand: Renault Turkey
Lead Agency: Wavemaker Turkey
Region: EMEA


Where almost every year a new player emerges, C sedan segment in Turkey is the one with the most sales among all passenger cars sold. 31.8% of total passenger car sales belong to the C segment. This segment is also very important for Renault, because Renault's Renault Megane Sedan, which has the highest sales figure with 29,381 units in 2018, is also one of the bestselling models in this segment with a rate of 19% in 2018.

In an effort to maintain successful sales figures, one of the most important targets for the brand was to increase the number of test drives. Particularly in highly competitive segments such as C Sedan segment, it is very important to make the consumer to experience the vehicle in person to get ahead of the competition. However, this experience, which directly reflects to sales may not reach desired levels due to people's inability to allocate time due to their busy working hours and the daily rushes of modern life. We needed to find a solution to motivate these people to test drive, especially those we call the white-collar workers because they had little time to spare and did not want to waste it even if they wanted to experience the vehicle.