Campaign Details

Brand: Reebok Floatride
Lead Agency: mCanvas Advertising Pvt. Ltd.
Region: APAC



Reebok launched a new range of sports shoes called Floatride for men and women.

Target Audience

The objective was to reach the niche target audience who would be interested in these high-end but effective sports shoes in India. These shoes were the most expensive Reebok had ever launched. Hence it was a challenge to advertise these shoes to the public and have them like and buy it, targeting the right audience.

Creative Strategy

The ad was served on premium sites. As a person would read content on these sites, the Reebok Floatride ad would show up politely in between paragraphs of content. The person could choose to engage with the ad and tap to engage further. As a person walked, he could experience the ad, which revealed every feature of the shoes.