Campaign details

Brand: Rappi App
Lead agency: Winclap
Region: LATAM



Rappi, one of the top companies making home delivery in Latam, needed to empower their whole growth strategy by attracting new app users. Their goal was to increase by 20% the demand of new users coming from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina.

Our challenge was not just increasing the "volume" of app downloads but to drive engagement with the app.

Target Audience

Rappi users can be everywhere since anyone that has a smartphone can order Rappi.

But the truth is that every Rappi customer is unique and love to order different things like tacos, feijoada, flowers or even products from groceries.

Also, one same user can have different kind of order behaviours based on the time of the day or moment of their everyday life. The same user can order things from the grocery shop while sitting on their sofa at home watching Netflix, or order food at the office to share with 10 co-workers or order pizza while they are hanging out with friends.