Campaign details

Brand: Pilot
Lead Agency: In Loco
Region: LATAM



Do you know any pen, or pencil, related innovations? The object, which has existed for centuries, has never undergone a great change, always relying on the logic of ink and feather. Pilot, the world leader in production and sale of pens, decided to innovate one of the best known products of humanity.

The company has created a type of pen that can erase the ink applied to the paper. It's called Pilot Frixion Ball. In this case, the biggest challenge was in convincing the public that likes to write, or draw, that this type of pen is much better than the original.

The primary metric for this campaign was related to the amount of "real-world" visits that would be generated after the contact with an ad on the smartphone.

Target Audience

We impacted the devices of those who had been in Kalunga's stores, Pilot's business partner, and who were within a mile of the store. We focused on two types of ads: one that showed a map to the Kalunga store and another that led to the official YouTube video of Frixion Ball.