Campaign details

Brand: PermataME
Lead Agency: Narrada Communications
Region: Indonesia



PermataBank wants to tap into the millennial market, so they've launched a savings product targeted at Indonesian youngsters. A risky move, since almost half of today's youngsters aged 18-24 reportedly has no savings at all.

Target Audience

Indonesian young millennials, aged 18-24. The YOLO (You Only Live Once) and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) generation. Having a vibrant and consumptive lifestyle, they like to hang out, do online shopping and very mobile.

Creative Strategy

We get these youngsters to believe that having PermataME as your savings account is indeed cool. Associate the brand with cool and hip lifestyle. Music and lyric are a powerful tool to subliminally persuade this generation, so to launch the campaign, we turn to the most powerful pied piper of the YOLO generation: dance music DJ.