Campaign details

Brand: Performance Native
Lead agency: Performadz
Region: EMEA



Performance Native is a machine learning based native advertising platform that has got Advanced Turkish Semantic Engine & Instant Brand Safety Technology. It can deeply scan context & extract its meaning that makes intelligent advertising possible. On the other hand, Instant Brand Safety Technology; reads the content at url level and prevent misplacement and keep the brand safe. It can also analyze the web/mobile site layout to serve the most suitable dynamic native ads that fits the design of the site perfectly. Because of its high technology, CTR rates are at least 3 times higher according to its rivals.

Target Audience

Banner blindness & brand safety are two really annoying problems of the digital advertising industry. If a user thinks that there is an ad on the page, s/he even does not look at that position. As a result, nowadays, average click rate of a banner is not more than 0.05%. Our pure native and customer friendly ad model exceed the blindness problem easily. Additionally, for example an airline company will not want to show their ads on an context that is about a plane crash. Brand safety is a very important issue for every brand and we offer a complete solution for it. All in all, Performance Native is targeting all shareholders of the industry - digital agencies, advertisers and customers -

Creative Strategy