Campaign details

Brand: Pegasus Airlines
Agency: Hype
Region: EMEA



Our online and offline sales data was showing that if a consumer bought a ticket just few days before the flight, the average basket value was higher. Further, thanks to social listening, we also knew that users might have a negative perception towards a brand when they see an ad that becomes irrelevant to them after a certain time. So, we knew that if we could have target users who were searching for a flight within few days we would increase our average transaction value and total revenue. In addition, by not showing an ad for a flight that a consumer was no longer interested in, we would save our marketing budget. By increasing revenue and decreasing budget, we would increase the ROI.

Target Audience

Our target audience was the users who are looking for flight in the near future. Our hypothesis was that this specific target group would more likely to buy a ticket and most likely for a higher price.

Creative Strategy