Campaign Details

Brand: Patanjali Noodle
Lead Agency: Pokkt
Region: APAC



To create the brand awareness amongst the kids audience & become the influencer to choose the right products conveying the message in a fun way via gaming environment through one of the Kids all time favorite IP "Chotta Bheem".

However the biggest challenge was to reach out & communicate the right message to the right audience which was easily possible by Pokkt allowing their technical know how & advanced level of mechanism to reach Pan India level at one go.

Thus, it was a very seamless integration to notify the brand & being their top of the mind recall.

Target Audience

Their intend was to reach out mainly to the kids audience which was their primary target audience while also wanted to communicate the message to their parents mainly MOM's as an they keep a very close eye on their Kids behavior & consumption of every content on mobile.

Creative Strategy