Campaign Details

Brand: Patanjali Mango Juice
Lead Agency: Pokkt
Region: APAC



Nutrition is of key importance to anybody, kids in particular.

With so many junk and packaged food and beverage options around, it is getting increasingly difficult to get kids to consume something that is pure, organic, fresh and nutrient-rich.

When Patanjali wanted to launch their mango juice in the market they faced the same issue, as their primary TG is 6-14 year old kids. Let alone attracting, reaching these kids on a digital platform is a difficult task as they don't own a device or have individual log-ins for identification hence the use of mobile games came into play.

Target Audience

Objective was to reach the primary TG i.e. Kids and drive the brand communication establishing the brand as the pure organic and fresh option that's rich in nutritional value. Targeting kids on digital platform Games is the most popular digital activity that a kids is involved in, as they don't own the device, POKKT used its machine learning tools/ AI and data from DMP to identify the devices that belonged to parents and used by kids to play the games.