Campaign details

Brand: P/S
Lead Agency: Mindshare
Region: Vietnam



In Vietnam, beauty is intrinsic to social fabric of the country and hence the need for a superior toothpaste for the perfect white smile.

Dental care for generations has primarily always focused on cavities. With changing lifestyles and food habits, consumers have started seeking additional benefits for themselves and the need for Whitening has grown. (4/10).

Additionally, as the consumer needs grow, so does their knowledge of harmful effects of chemical and hence the growing need to find natural ways to fulfill their needs.

P/S introduced it’s PS Whitening variant with natural regime including charcoal and bamboo ingredients to address the above.

  • Charcoal: Gently polish away tooth stains, restoring white teeth
  • Bamboo Exact: Anti-bacteria & freshness
  • P/S Science: Advanced formulation with precious natural ingredients activated
Target Audience