Campaign details

Brand: Orloff Ballantine's
Lead agency: AntennasBI
Region: LATAM



Two different brands, one same problem: the rejection. Orloff and Ballantine's had an internal issue where leading marketing and sales team were seeing bad performance results for thinking that Brazilians had a high rate of rejection of these brands. The project was entirely designed to measure the real results to each brand on a quantitative project that could give the exact number of rejection so internal teams could work on improvements. No communication strategy nor brand development was being prepared to design any form of movement, because of the expectation of high-rates of rejection of the brands. But a number should be given by a consultancy firm to show the real issue at stake. Those were 2 different projects that were born with the same objectives and had similar results due to the mobile-based activation and insight digging, therefore were subscribed as one only project.

Target Audience