Campaign details

Brand: OMO
Agency: Mindshare Turkey / Sobraz PR Agency
Region: EMEA



The number of children in Turkey living separately and in need of protection is over 35,000 according to official records, but the number of those who do not register is limited to estimates. On the other hand, OMO has been setting up for the children for the past 15 years. Therefore, with the campaign "#anIbiriktir" under the philosophy of "Dirt is Good", OMO, which called for accumulating happy memories with its children, came out with the aim of using this brand name for this social issue.

Target Audience

Our priority was to make all of Turkey a part of this movement.

Creative Strategy

Based on the idea that all children are entitled to accumulate happy memories, we brought together Mika-Der (NGO) and "Icerde" (TV Serial) with OMO. OMO announced that it will make donations to the sports and rehabilitation center that Mika-Der has built for every share to be made with the tag #anIbiriktir, and invites all of Turkey to share.