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Brand: OMO
Lead Agency: Mindshare Vietnam
Region: APAC


Vietnam is characterized by an exceptionally rapid uptake of connected devices, especially smartphones and tablets. However, parents' high involvement in technology meant a disproportionate choice of entertainment for their kids as well.

Children prefer a mobile phone or a tablet to play games, to watch cartoons or toy review videos to play outdoor sports or even to communicate with others. This 'head-down' syndrome gets worse during summertime, as kids have plenty of spare time. Even their parents just want to keep them occupied. Handing over a mobile phone or a tablet to their kids becomes the most convenient escape route for the parents, despite them realizing that those addictive devices could contribute to sleep disorders, violence, near-sightedness, inter-personal skill shortages, autism, and suicidal tendencies for their young ones.

Target Audience