Campaign details

Brand: OMO
Lead Agency: Mindshare
Region: Vietnam



Tet is an occasion for family members to gather, build connection and create beautiful memories together. However, behind the nicely decorated house, deliciously and sumptuously prepared meals, nobody notices the burden on the women of the family.

Target Audience

After following stringent rituals and heavy-duty preparations, she gets nothing but tiredness at the end of the day.

She struggles with the dilemma between a perfect Tet and a pure fulfilling Tet where things might not be splendidly done, but she would have her children around... to make the process more enjoyable.

Creative Strategy

Detergent brand OMO believes in inspiring the family to have real life experiences... to create meaningful family bonding. The brand wanted to break the stereotype norms... the way the festival is perceived and celebrated.