Campaign details

Brand: Nutriboost
Lead Agency: MediaCom
Region: Vietnam



Nutriboost has been the leader in the value added dairy category for the last 4 years. It has led the growth of the category which has been the top 3 fastest growing categories in the market. But in recent months the brand saw a slowdown in consumption as more competitors stepped in the category. It was important to reverse the slowdown and pick up the consumption of Nutriboost.

Target Audience

The Nutriboost target audience are the young adults who face daily struggles in life and needs motivation to and stamina to go through their daily life.

Creative Strategy

To quickly build up consumption of the brand, Nutriboost rolled out a promotion campaign. As summer is the heaviest season for the VAD category, it was rolled out in summer. The promotion consisted of having a code under the cap of the Nutriboost bottle that could be SMSed by the consumers and they stood a chance to win prizes.