Campaign details

Brand: Samsung Mobile
Lead Agency: Starcom UK
Region: Global



Samsung, the market leader in 360º hardware, knew that in order to grow the 360º category, they needed to normalize watching and creating 360º content first.

At the beginning of 2017, YouTube and Facebook enabled 360º videos on their platforms. However, even though both platforms made it easy to upload and watch 360-degree videos, very few people were actually doing so. We noticed that consumers were using 360º cameras to capture content in the same way they would shoot a traditional shot - not considering the 360º frame they had to play with. As a result, much of the 360º content people were seeing on social wasn't high quality, real 360-degree content.

The client's main KPIs were awareness and education.

Target Audience

Our campaign intended to reach millennial audiences across social platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.