Campaign details

Brand: Nokia
Lead Agency: Pokkt
Region: Indonesia



The Demand Generation (DG) Campaign to flush out the products (Nokia 3,5,6). In terms of awareness, NOKIA practically still considered at high level. But it must be admitted that now, the audience still know NOKIA as featured phone, while NOKIA as Smartphone awareness considered still low.

So, to achieve better consideration, we need to educate our target audience about NOKIA as smartphone continuously.

Target Audience

Smartphone users, who need devices reliable enough to be their sidekick anytime and anywhere they need it.

Millennials who is a digital native and looking for new set of mobile phone, which might not be their first. They are looking for exciting features and technology which allowing them to explore new lifestyle (online) habit. They know Nokia, as their older family have been using it for many years. But most of their friends are using other models and they have been doing many interesting activities, surely they don't want to be outside and leave behind by the bandwagon.

Creative Strategy