Campaign details

Brand: Client: J&J/Brand: Neutrogena®
Lead agency: SunsetDDB
Region: LATAM



To create how-to content for the 3-step skin care routine through Neutrogena's product portfolio, helping generate brand connection and proximity. And to create a interactive make-up model, different then the others influencers formats.

Target Audience

Demographic target: women aged 18+. Interested in beauty, make-up, Carnival make-up and skin care.

Creative Strategy

A full-funnel campaign – from awareness to conversion – for Neutrogena [skin care + sun protection] starred by representatively diverse influencers who created user-friendly, functional how-to content on skin care, out of traditional formats, with the Carnival preparation routine as the backdrop.


Being noticeable and relevant on a meaningful occasion for people, presenting content that is a perfect fit for the product range. Offering user-friendly, functional, mobile-first solutions that deliver consumer experience in an innovative, representative way. And therefore generating integrated communications among the various product lines and featuring the how-to content within the product portfolio and connected with partners to increase the sales.


Overall Campaign Execution