Campaign details

Brand: Nestlé Smoovlatté
Lead Agency: Mindshare China
Region: APAC


In China, bottled coffee is losing grounds to young audience. Its key advantages, convenience and flavor, are losing appeal when you can get the newest viral bubble tea drinks delivered under 30 minutes to your hand. Among 15-25 y.o. audience, growth in bottled coffee category is 30% slower than their older counterparts (Source: CNRS).

On top of the category challenge, for Nescafe, with a long history in China, it has massive awareness among Chinese consumers, but has been perceived less trendy, with little surprise among younger audience.

To revitalize love for Nescafe, we have to demonstrate Nescafe's innovation and understanding of youth culture.

Key performance areas:

  1. Sales
  2. Brand love
  3. Media Impression
  4. Digital Content Engagement

Target Audience