Campaign details

Brand: Nestlé / DANCOW Excelnutri+
Lead Agency: Mindshare Indonesia
Region: Indonesia



Nestlé, one of the leading milk brands in Indonesia, re-introduced DANCOW with better formula through DANCOW Advanced Excelnutri+, the latest innovation from Nestlé Research Center that promises three nutritional benefits: protection from illness, brain development and physical growth. After experiencing flat growth in the market, DANCOW #IyaBoleh (Yes, it is ok!) campaign was launched with the objective of making DANCOW the brand of choice in the growing-up milk (GUM) category in the Indonesian market.

Parents play an important role in meeting the three basic needs of their children: protection, physical stimulation and affection to ensure healthy growth. However, young millennial and relatively inexperienced moms with kids aged 1 to 5 years have a tendency to doubt their parenting skills and subsequently become overprotective. As such, these moms prevent their kids from engaging in active play and exploration for fear of germs and bacteria.