Campaign details

Brand: Nescafé 3in1
Lead agency: Mindshare Turkey
Region: EMEA



Each year, Nescafé 3in1's biggest campaign is our annual promotion campaign where people enter codes found in packs for a chance to win prizes. In 2018, we had reached 10.3 million code entries. Our ambition for 2019 was to reach 12 million. Our bigger challenge was to reach this number with the same budget, despite a 25% increase in product prices. Our main solution was to increase participation by leveraging last years data and sustain cost efficiency and create data efficiency by utilizing technology and data layer strategy. We proceed with a performance-focused strategy, but we also aim to implement innovative projects that both expands our audience and gives our already loyal consumers new reasons to increase their purchase frequency. Directing consumers to purchase through new channels is also one of our major goals.

Target Audience