Campaign details

Brand: Merck Animal Health
Lead Agency: Creative Digital Agency, Inc.



To boost sales and market share of Bravecto (a flea and tick medication for cats and dogs), Merck Animal Health needed a way to induce product trial and brand retention for pet owners -- while also driving advocacy from vet clinics.

In addition, the brand wanted faster, better visibility into how the product was selling at retail.

There were a number of challenges specific to the animal health industry, wherein thousands of small, independent vet clinics serve as both retailer and brand advocate. Each clinic has its own POS system, making scalable integration of mobile coupons all but impossible.

Merck already had a paper rebate program in place, but that brought on headaches in terms of poor end-user experience and unpredictable financial liability for the brand.

Another challenge was the fact that the product – a doggie chew – only needs to be taken once every 12 weeks. Because this chew needs to be taken so rarely, the product has a higher initial price point, which was creating a barrier to entry for new pet owners.