Campaign details

Lead Agency: Mindshare / Redder Vietnam
Region: Vietnam



Carbonated Soft drinks (CSD) has been stagnant year on year partly because of the lack of exciting innovations versus other beverage categories. Mirinda, as a brand for teenagers, is destined to be ahead of flavorful innovations which excite the market and disrupt current boring offers from CSD brands.

It goes without saying that young adults are crazy for creamy drinks. Unfamiliar fusion and rich tastes get them excited. For that reason, Soda Cream was presented to the market as a unique combination of Soda and Cream, which not only keeps the typical refreshment of CSD products but also contains creamy flavor to enhance the desirable rich taste.

To justify the success of Soda Cream, we benchmarked with other new product launches in terms of volume sales. However, since Mirinda has 3 different variants while having enough budget for only 1 big campaign, Soda Cream campaign was expected to have positive halo effects on other variants as well to ensure healthy growth for the total brand portfolio.

Target Audience