Campaign details

Brand: Miller
Lead Agency: JustPalm
Region: EMEA



To sell to this consumer during the festive season, MGD requested a novel and unconventional strategy to reach, engage and drive purchase of Miller Genuine Draft in a way that is convenient and not disruptive to their bustling lifestyles. The business problem that the campaign aimed to solve was the decline in sales that Miller Genuine Draft (MGD) experienced. With this problem in mind, the objective was to provide a fresh take and delivery for the young, urban, go-getter who has the world at their finger tips. This was achieved by creating a single channel shopper experience that integrated seamlessly into the life of a miller Genuine draft. A chatbot that was integrated to the Miller Genuine Draft page was developed, it enabled the MGD drinker to place their order for the beverage through Facebook. Once order was placed, 6 pack of MGD would be delivered in the customers location within 60 minutes of placing order.

Target Audience