Campaign details

Brand: Migros
Lead agency: App Samurai
Region: EMEA



The objective was to emphasize the importance of choosing healthy products in Migros app and follow the healthy living recommendations in Migros app. By doing so, it is aimed that people make healthier choices in their shopping cycle. Upon completion of the game (virtual baby) an information screen in the end card has appeared and users were directed to the health category in application. Users can pick the related health campaign in the app and they were able to claim their Money points. This is how the brand measures the campaign results.

Target Audience

Since the aim in this project is to make healthy eating a way of life, the target audience was mass. The brand sees this project as a social responsibility too.

Creative Strategy

By attracting the attention of the user through a game, it is aimed to interact with the users. To increase their loyalty to the brand and to enable them to internalize healthy living through a game.