Campaign details

Brand: Miami International Airport / Florida Power & Light Services
Lead Agency: Starmark
Region: North America


Sea level rise is a real threat in Miami-Dade county. So when Miami International Airport and FPL Services teamed up to create more energy efficient airport, Starmark was challenged to inform and involve travelers and the public to expand the impact of the effort by helping people save energy at home.

The MIA efficiency effort is important and ambitious, but large-scale infrastructure and efficiency efforts aren't exactly the type of thing most people get excited about.

Our specific challenge was to create a prominent, inspiring and involving effort that would make the public part of a county-wide energy saving effort.

Target Audience

Top 4 personas:

  • Public and private sector business leaders with a mandate to institute energy efficiency initiatives.
  • 40s to mid-50s homeowners in Miami-Dade county with latent interest but no motivation to conserve. This group travels out of and into MIA at least twice a year. They are interested in the idea of saving energy and money, but they don't know how or why now is the time.
  • Mid-20s college/grad school grads living in Miami-Dade with a high interest in conservation but a low understanding of how. This group travels through MIA at least twice a year. They need practical information on how even renters can contribute to this effort.
  • English-speaking international and domestic travelers through MIA. This group of travelers is part of a broader awareness and recruitment effort to improve campaign visibility, site traffic and app downloads that help expand the reach of the core campaign.

Creative Strategy