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Brand: MGM
Lead Agency: Publicis.Sapient



When MGM acquired the Borgata casino in early 2017, they now had the one thing they needed to bring online gambling to New Jersey: a physical location in the state. However, this was not the first real-money gambling app in New Jersey. Search the App Store, and you'll find a vast sea of sameness. Within that sea, even more, sameness. All the competitors feature similar interfaces and offer identical products/games. In other words, Betfair999 doesn't just look similar to the playMGM app (skinned differently of course). The poker game you get on Betfair999 is identical (most of the games are out-of-the-box 3rd party offerings) as the one you'd get on playMGM.

So while the category initially flourished, it was soon flooded with similar competitors pushing commoditized promotion-based marketing. So much so that when playMGM was finally ready to launch, the category was mired in the midst of a double-digit decline.