Campaign details

Brand: Mercedes-Benz
Agency: Zenith Turkey / Skysection
Region: EMEA



People do not think about the automotive category while they are on holiday. In order to bring the Mercedes experience to people wherever they are, we have opened a pop-up store in Alaçatı, where affluent people frequent during summertime. As pop-up stores operate only for a short time, reaching potential target audiences in real-time, in relevant moments and inviting them to our stores with relevant and attention-grabbing ways was very important. Mobile radio, which had high reach and affinity among the target audience, had a huge potential in reaching the right audience and delivering an engaging message.

Target Audience

Affluent people on vacation or living in Alaçatl, who prefer to listen to mobile radio and are up to 20km away of our pop-up store.

Creative Strategy