Campaign details

Brand: Mercedes-Benz
Agency: Zenith Turkey / AdColony Turkey
Region: EMEA



The aim of the new Mercedes-Benz GLA car was to increase its awareness by reaching the right target group for the promotion. For this purpose, 'Grow Up' was used as a motto that tries to emotionally capture more people, rather than a discourse that emphasizes direct sales or vehicle features.

Target Audience

With the recent campaigns, Mercedes Benz is changing their target audience from mass to X and Y generations. In accordance with Linkedin targeting technologies and Mercedes-Benz target volume; Business Decision Makers (Manager +) and Mass Affluent (LinkedIn algorithms and masses determined to have high purchasing power) were targeted.

Creative Strategy

After making sure of reaching the target audience from LinkedIn, lead gen was chosen as a way of reaching them. The lead gen forms on LinkedIn are a very beneficial way of collecting leads from real people. Users saw the ads of Mercedes Benz on their LinkedIn feed. With the image and interesting content, the ads were sponsored contents and were very appealing. When users clicked the ad they learned more about the car and had a chance to learn more by filling in a form. The technology behind this means that the forms were already filled in using real-time information of the users, so they did not need to fill the forms in or waste any time.