Campaign details

Brand: Mercado Libre
Lead Agency: Wunderman BA
Region: LATAM


In order to create brand awareness and to reinforce Mercado Libre's position as the number 1 e-commerce within Latin America, we moved away from the focus of the traditional e-commerce, which only highlights promotions and discounts, and focus on the human factor: the people that are behind each purchase, and how their stories change based on the things they choose and buy.

We detected fun and interesting purchase patterns, that could make great stories. That way, we took advantage of all the data the platform has of its community of users.

We selected among our heavy users, the ones with the most interesting purchase histories and at the same time we engaged not only them but every user who visited the platform.

Mercado Libre is the most important e-commerce in Latin America. But with many competitors arising in the horizon, such as Amazon, we needed to create a memorable always-on digital campaign that could reinforce the top of mind positioning of the brand in the whole region, by showing our deep knowledge in what our users like, how they buy and also by imagining what their lives look like and how Mercado Libre plays a part in it.