Campaign details

Brand: Lubriderm
Lead agency: J3 / UM
Region: LATAM



For this campaign we had two main strategic objectives: increase sales in at least 20% and increase Brand Awareness (Recognition and Top of Heart) all this by accomplishing the challenge to launch the LUBRIDERM® Etapas portfolio while facing a strong and dynamic situation in the Colombian market that started around 2017 with the entry of new discounter retailers and white brands that consumers started to adopt quickly. The body lotion category, like many other CPG categories, showed an accelerated adaption of these new buying habits and Colombians decreased premium personal care brands consumption opening space for white brands in a price war scenario, where LUBRIDERM® does not participate.

Target Audience

Colombian women don't find in the market a body lotion that meets their mature skin's changing needs. That's why LUBRIDERM® created the first anti-aging body platform with its new ETAPAS product line.