Campaign details

Brand: Pepsico // Lipton Ice Tea
Agency: Mindshare
Region: EMEA


The iced tea category is the highest contributor of growth to soft beverages, growing 18% in 2016. However, per cap consumption is still 4.9 L, which has a high potential to grow vs other European Contries (Poland: 8.2, Hungary: 9.5). As category leader, we aimed to increase per cap consumption via upsizing  the single serving size from 330 ml to 1L.

Target audience

18 - 34, male + female, have a car. This target group is called Gen Y in Turkey. According to Gen Y consumer behavior research, acceleration in social media usage in Turkey is much higher compared to Europe. Based on this research, generation Y in Turkey can be regarded as heavy users of social media, as they are both producers and consumers of the information on it.

Creative strategy

One of the biggest consumption occasions for Lipton Ice Tea was out of home/on-the-go, which is why we chose to own this occasion. With summer being the season for iced tea, we wanted to connect the refreshment of LIT with a high potential consumption occasion of summer: being stuck in traffic, mainly in big cities.

  • 21 million motor vehicles registered in Turkey in 2016.
  • 9% gas consumption increased in 2016.
  • Average gasoline price: 5.1TL/LT in 2016.
  • Mobile internet usage: 75% in target audience (15-34).