Campaign details

Brand: Lincoln
Lead Agency: Hudson Rouge
Region: NA



The objective for 360 VR content was two-fold: 1) test a new tech-forward way to let people step inside the 2018 Lincoln Navigator; and 2) give clients an experience they might not be able to have in a typical test drive. When a client takes a test drive in a vehicle, the client is not able to test out all the vehicle's capabilities in various climates and road conditions. In addition, clients may not be able to demo high demand or rare vehicles.

The vehicle featured in the 360 VR is the 2018 Lincoln Black Label Navigation in the Yacht Club theme with a serene blue interior. This vehicle is in high-demand and therefore is rarely available at a dealership to display this specific Black Label theme. The 360 VR allowed users to experience the luxurious interior but also observe the enviroments that a Navigator can easily handle with the seven drive modes. The execution of 360 VR is a state-of-the art immersive experience that gives clients the opportunity to click through the drive modes of a Navigator but explore the inside at the same time with or without goggles.

Target Audience