Campaign details

Brand: Lifecell
Lead agency: Arena Media
Region: EMEA



Lifecell is a new-generation operator in national and global market and provides 100% digital service, offers digital services with innovative solutions and delivers a "smart, unlimited Internet" experience. Lifecell, intending to break the top 3 GSM operator perception in Turkey, aimed to increase its user base and package sales while maintaining its current clients. Lifecell's goal is to narrate to customers that Lifecell is an operator that creates solutions on increasing data usage for Turkey which has 77% usage of smartphone. Social Media has a part in people's life more and more every day and reached to 63% penetration by increasing 2 million users in 2019. Averagely users spend 2 hours and 46 minutes in a day on Social Media Channels. 84% of Social Media users are active Instagram. In line with this objective, we aimed to increase Internet package conversions by grabbing the attention of our target audience through our collaborations with Instagram influencers. Our IG advertisements were delivered to our target audience through the codes integrated in our publications; then we designed our strategy to measure the conversion rates by directing our target audience to Lifecell website via these Instagram ads.