Campaign details

Brand: Lifebuoy
Lead Agency: Mindshare India
Region: APAC



Seven out of ten people in India use Lifebuoy which is India's #1 soap brand. Lifebuoy's business is reflective of India's rural-urban population split i.e. 70% of business comes from rural India.

The brand is guided by its purpose of empowering people to safeguard themselves against life threatening diseases, especially in rural India where most families earn less than 1 dollar a day and a disease/infection in the family can be severely debilitating – emotionally and financially.

Lifebuoy's objective was to reach these people to drive hand-hygiene behaviour change and reduce the incidence of illness and child deaths.

The brief was to overcome media barriers characteristic of rural India i.e. low television penetration and low literacy rates rendering print and out of home ineffective and negligible internet / smartphone penetration to reach consumers when they were most vulnerable.

Target Audience