Campaign details

Brand: Leroy Merlin
Agency: Mobext
Region: EMEA


Our objective was to Identify and target qualified traffic in order to boost click-through-rate and time spent on the Leroy Merlin Website.

We specifically wanted to Target tablet consumers for them to read our clients' catalogues at a moment where they are home and more prone to browsing the internet on their tablets , rather than their phones. In short, LM is aware that consumers were more prone to viewing their e-catalog if the screen was large enough. But no one comes to stores with their tablet; however, they do visit with their smartphones! We used this information to the client's advantage.

Target audience

We were trying to reach potential warm prospects, those who had visited our stores or competitor's stores, as we knew that if they came all the way to the store, they where looking for products or needed our assistance. More precisely, our audience cluster were people visiting Leroy Merlin stores, or competitor stores, in a 200m perimeter.

Creative strategy