Campaign details

Brand: Lays
Lead Agency: Mindshare China
Region: APAC


Potato chips are largely an impulse buy, driven by in-store aisle promotions. However, as eCommerce has expanded rapidly across the country, less and less customers are going to grocery stores.

Thus, our challenge for Lays was set. Drive impulse purchases in an era of eCommerce.

Impulse buys result from craving.

Consumers crave by seeing mouth-watering visuals or smelling fresh aromas.

For potato chips, however, the most potent sensory signal is actually sound – the cracking, crunching, munching of crisp potato chips. Hearing other people munching on crisp potato chips makes people want some too – the instant craving is real.

Lay's needed to amplify this sound to its advantage. The challenge was determining exactly how.

Target Audience