Campaign details

Brand: LATAM
Lead Agency: Graphene IPG
Region: LATAM



In Brazil, there are more than 130 LATAM Travel stores all over the country. All of them, franchises. During online campaigns' period, the franchisees usually complaint about digital campaigns, believing that online efforts are only able to bring results to the brand's e-commerce. In this scenario, our main goal was to attest that a digital campaign was able to have, as a KPI, the goal of bringing qualified traffic to a physical location.

Target Audience

Due to the client's budget restriction, we had to choose two geographic regions in order to test our strategy. According to the number of stores and sales data, we ended up choosing Belo Horizonte and Fortaleza. Besides the geolocated traffic, it was necessary to target only upper middle class and above, with also affinity for travel and leisure – unfortunately, a sad reality in Brazil, where only upper middle class and above are able to travel by aeroplane.