Campaign details

Brand: KFC
Lead agency: Mindshare
Region: EMEA



Our Strategic objective for KFC on Search was to run an Always On Campaign where the goal is to have a constant SOV of over 70% for our brand terms and a search position average of 1. We also had the objective of driving traffic to the website through high CTR and converting those clicks into sales on the E-commerce platform.

KFC is the biggest QSR brand in South Africa and is continuously being challenged by competitors on search. The challenge The KFC brand faced was protecting its own search and brand terms from competing bids while still performing above industry benchmarks. The business problem was to how to use search to increase sales for Ecommerce and brand awareness for new products and services offered by KFC.

Key performance areas we used to measure our success was sales on the KFC eCommerce page and uplift in search volumes around KFC terms. We measure these through Sales Data and Google Analytics which gave us source data for the sales. Using Google AdWords Planner we could also measure past and Current Search Volumes around our Key Words and compare this it predicted Search Volumes.