Campaign details

Brand: KFC
Lead agency: Mindshare
Region: EMEA



The strategic objective was to drive consideration, trial, and awareness of the KFC Dunked Burger. Additionally, the goal was to steal market share from competitive burger restaurants.

The burger and the strategy behind it were created to address the lack of innovation in the KFC menu and within the burger category as a whole.

The challenge that the brand faced was that competitors were spending less on marketing but were advertising well-known and established offerings that consumers feel confident spending their money on (as opposed to a new offering that might not meet their expectations). The category was cluttered with these well-known offerings competing for SOV in the media, as well as a share of the consumer's wallet.

Adding to the challenge has been a 12% decrease in consumers going to QSR restaurants with an additional 62% of consumers spending less on fast food due to budget constraints. As a result, KFC was faced with the challenge of producing a burger that not only meet expectations but offered value as well.