Campaign details

Brand: Johnson & Johnson / Combantrin
Lead Agency: J3
Region: Indonesia



PT Johnson & Johnson's flagship brand Combantrin, the leading Anthelmintic brand used to treat worm infections in Indonesia, has noted a slowing down of market growth for the industry as a whole.

Combantrin wanted to reach out to young parents with growing children through a nationwide platform that delivers positive brand association, stimulates awareness and ultimately drives product sales and accelerates their market growth faster than the industry growth.

As part of the National Education Day celebrations, Combantrin collaborated with Indonesia's Child Protection Institution (LPAI) to launch the #JamMainKita campaign (Movement of our Time).

Today's technology-driven generation tend to isolate families, especially young children, from the outside world. Unlike previous generations who were exposed to various outdoor recreational activities, today's kids are more inclined to stay at home and play with their high-tech gadgets and devices.