Campaign details

Brand: Island Records
Lead Agency: Gameloft



The strategic objective was to develop a co-marketing campaign to increase awareness for both Fall Out Boy's new album MANIA and the latest update to Gameloft's Asphalt 8. This partnership would enable both brands to extend their audience reach by capitalizing on the different audience segments represented by each property.

In addition, the campaign sought to support the sales & downloads of Fall Out Boy's MANIA album by linking the campaign to the linkfire URL for F.O.B. The campaign also sought to increase downloads for the latest update of Asphalt 8 by utilizing a tracked URL for Asphalt 8's product page.

The creative strategy was to connect the brands with storytelling while engaging users like never before through the development of a brand-new mode in Asphalt 8. For the 1st time in Asphalt 8, Gameloft developed an immersive branded story, involving the members of famous band Fall Out Boy, supported by strong synchronized co-marketing actions on Gameloft, Fall Out Boy & Crushmusic ecosystems.