Campaign details

Brand: Indomilk
Lead Agency: InMobi | Mindshare
Region: Indonesia



Indomilk, the iconic dairy brand, has a rich legacy of helping mothers across Indonesia raise their children, generation after generation. As the brand approached its 50th year celebration, it contemplated how it could mark the joyous occasion of serving families for half a century. The brand knew it was crucial to have mothers and their young children at the heart of the celebration.

Target Audience

The brand hoped to reach generations of mothers and children across Indonesia. Each mother across generations has a dream for the next generation to move forward and do better than their parents. Mothers who take tremendous pride when their children fight against all odds and improve lives for a better generation ahead.

Creative Strategy

Indomilk chose to launch a campaign which placed mothers and their young children at its very core. The brand introduced the Gemilang Generation, which celebrated the stories of Mothers and Children who achieved against all odds. This 100 initiative was rolled out in 3 separate phases:

  • Awareness
  • Engagement and
  • Amplification