Campaign details

Brand: Ichi Ocha
Lead Agency: Mindshare Indonesia & Pokkt Indonesia
Region: Indonesia



The Fifa World Cup is .., Oh Yes! You can already hear the cheer from the crowd stadiums, don't you? Soccer is the most popular game and FIFA enjoys the highest popularity amongst gaming tournaments. In Indonesia, youth treat soccer like religion and is played by everyone- from children to middle-aged men.

Target Audience

For a country that treats soccer with such enthusiasm, Wouldn't the Food and Beverage Industry also experience a spike? Ready-To-Drink Tea is as fiercely contested as a FIFA match. Whether it is a drink after the meal or a drink while watching TV, Indonesians prefer tea over any other beverage. Being a major contributor to the beverages sector, RTD Tea market is among the top and a tough one to beat. Thus, the challenge that Indofood Beverages faced was .. how to popularize its RTD TEA-Ichi Ocha? How to ride this FIFA wave?

Creative Strategy