Campaign details

Brand: İßbank
Agency: Tribal Worldwide
Region: EMEA



In 2017, 75%1 of total population in Turkey were mobile cell phone users. 72%2 of total household had mobile internet and 40%2 of them had constant internet connection . Inspired by these figures, almost every bank claimed that most of their banking transactions was made via digital banking channels. But mobile banking's share in digital transactions was far below than anticipated. By the end of 2016, active usage ratio of İßCep (İßBank's mobile app.) in all retail customers was 27%3, Garanti Bank's ratio was 25%4 and YapI Kredi Bank's was 18%5.

In this situation, we aimed to increase the number of İßCep users by telling them most of their daily banking transactions can be quickly and easliy done via İßcep. So we started to advertise our "O İß Cepte" series.

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Target Audience