Campaign Details

Brand: Horlicks
Lead Agency: Mindshare India
Region: APAC



Horlicks is a market leader in South and East given its strong 'Nutrition Credentials' and 'Mother's Trust' which drives the brand in these markets.

The story though is very different in North-West where Horlicks is a challenger brand and the category driver is 'kids pester' given that the Health Drink Category (HFD) is still considered to be a 'milk additive' which helps mothers ensure that 'kids finish the glass of milk'

Adding to this was a seasonality nuance to the category with the summer season traditionally bringing a dip in category usage because of kids inclination of having 'tastier', 'chilled' drinks (Shakes, juice, ice creams etc) vs. HFDs which are typically associated with Hot milk consumption and being low on taste credentials and low excitement around category consumption.